IMDBTheodus Crane is an actor with charisma, depth, and presence of gigantic proportions. Reared in stage and refined on screen, his raw talents, tireless drive, and thirst for education have landed him on projects such as “Christmas is Conway”, “The Bag Man”, “The Starving Games”, and the ultra popular hit TV show, “The Walking Dead”. He’s had the privilege of working with talents such as Robert DeNiro, John Cusak, Andy Garcia, Norman Reedus, plus many more, and that was just the beginning.
      As an actor, Theodus first learned the craft on the job in regional theater, eventually graduating to Film and TV.  He’s since studied with a fantastic array of teachers and coaches with styles based primarily on Meisner and Straussberg. Theodus also learned and performed improv at La Nuit Theater competing in Comedy Sportz. He is currently training at the Groundlings Improv Program in Los Angeles.  As a fighter, Theodus has trained with the absolute best, from American, Puerto Rican, and French Olympic Judoka to boxing champion and training great Yahya McClaine, as well as 6 time world Sanda Champion Steven “Spyder” Hemphill. He is also learning Filipino knife and stick fighting from international action star Marrese Crump and master teacher Amin Hameed.
    The diverse skill set Theodus brings to the table provides a wide range of roles he can, has, and will portray.  From the comically stern Cleaver Williams in “The Starving Games” to the endearing and relateable Big Tiny in “The Walking Dead”, Theodus brings more to the table than meets the eye, and that’s saying a lot! Look for him playing ‘Sonny’ in the Barnes Brothers upcoming feature “Sex, Guaranteed”, and ‘Zeke’ in WGN America’s upcoming series “Underground”
     In his spare time, Theodus enjoys training in Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, and Sanda. He’s a 2 time Amateur World Champion in the World Sanda League, winning his most recent title in July 2014. He has also been known to cut a rug with The 610 Stompers in New Orleans, performing as Strongman Talladon the Great or the Silent Blue Genie with Musée du Coeur Burlesque and Vaudeville in Atlanta, or performing a Stand Up set at your nearest Comedy Open Mic Night.  Whether he’s kicking butt and taking names in an action flick, keeping you in stitches in your favorite comedy, or just being that guy you wish lived next door in your favorite TV show, Theodus Crane is a name to look for!